DIGITAL WORKPLACE: Embracing Practical New Practices

April 24th & 25h – Utrecht, Netherlands
July 3rd & 4th – London, UK

2.700€ Excluding VAT


Every organization is trying to implement a “digital transformation”. From the end-user computing perspective, what was once Windows desktop and application delivery is now the “Digital Workspace.” Microsoft is consolidating everything into 365 services (including hosting their own desktops), Citrix and VMware are shells of their former selves, and many new “cloud native” DaaS companies have appeared. Meanwhile users need to work from anywhere, there’s a new focus on collaboration, new technologies (AR, VR, mixed reality) seem to be coming, users are starting to use AI on their own, and we still must deal with all the existing (and many new) legal, security, and regulatory challenges.

With this Masterclass led by Brian Madden, you will learn to master and lead employees’ new practices by guiding them towards an efficient, secure and responsible Digital Workplace.

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Our program

1. Digital Workplace: Fundamentals, benefits and limitations

2. The Digital Workplace from the User’s Perspective
– Continuous innovation in tools and practices
– What are the strategies of the leading players?
– Addressing the Hybrid / Remote Worker’s Challenges
– Addressing New Forms of Collaboration

3. The Digital Workplace from the IT Department’s Perspective
– Managing Employee Devices
– Delivering Applications: SaaS, Legacy (Windows), Virtualized…
– Delivering the workspace to “third locations”
– Enterprise Architecture Planning: Connecting apps to users

4. Cross-Cutting Challenges
– Legal and Legal Impacts
– Organizing the Scale of the Digital Workplace
– Sharing and Managing Knowledge

5. Implementing Your Digital Workplace Project

Explore the future of digital work with our Digital Workplace Masterclass. Gain deep expertise in emerging technologies, master managing virtual work environments, and unleash the full potential of your team, wherever they are. Join us to transform the way you work, today.


1 Masterclass, 4 objectives

1. Explore the current landscape of various digital work environment technologies (VDI, DaaS, Cloud desktops, mobile devices, etc.) from technical, economic, and methodological perspectives.

2. Enhance your understanding of digital tools and emerging practices, including the rise of the user-developer paradigm.

3. Master the management of all endpoints, tackle the challenges of new IT practices among users, and excel in deploying and administering Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions.

4. Guide and enhance employee productivity regardless of their physical location, fostering a flexible and efficient work environment.


Learn more about Brian Madden

This class is being delivered by Brian Madden, a world-renowned expert on end user computing and the digital workspace. Brian has had a prolific 30-year career in IT. He’s authored six books (on Citrix, VMware, VDI, and DaaS) with over 100,000 copies sold, written over 2,000 tech articles, and given over 1,000 speeches and talks around the world. He was the creator of the popular BriForum conference which ran from 2005-2016, as well as BrianMadden.com, from 2001-2020.

More recently, Brian spent 4 years at VMware as a Distinguished Technologist in VMware’s EUC Office of the CTO.

He now lives in Paris, where he’s a consultant for ILKI, focusing on digital workspace, end user computing, and the future of work.