Ilki’s Cloud Native service offer

Agility, scalability, innovation, improved cost-effectiveness…while the benefits are well known, switching to Cloud Native is still a step greatly feared by companies. So how can we support them and assist them in their migration project?

At Ilki, we help companies and public organizations in their strategic transitions in a progressive, controlled and secure way, towards modern architectures that meet business needs.


The 4 areas of our service offer


Our independence allows us to recommend deployment models most adapted to the customer’s need. We provide support from end to end:

  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud vs on-premises
  • Setting up of environments and automation pipelines
  • Application containerization
  • Micro-services applications
  • Application delivery
  • CNCF ecosystem
  • Security



Our experts help you from the needs expression to the implementation, passing by target architecture definition, whether cloud-based or on-premises.



We organize, throughout the year, many trainings in various formats: technical trainings, Discover & Learn seminars or engineering schools courses.
Different themes are adressed : DevOps, Cloud, containers, Kubernetes, CNCF ecosystem, security, Infrastructure as Code, CKA program & CKA certification preparation, etc…


Our mission

Our mission is to support companies in order to enhance their IT architecture by considering cloud-native applications. The aim is to better understand the technical, methodological and financial issues as well as the cloud computing’s specific aspects.

In 2019, Ilki created AgoraKube, the first French CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution. Today, the contributor’s community is composed of around thirty people and AgoraKube has numerous international users.